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Beneficial Bacteria Leading The Charge!

If you’ve recently had a course of antibiotics or experienced symptoms of mild digestive discomfort, some information on acidophilus or probiotic therapy will be of definite interest!

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Can Floramax Probiotic help?

If the gut bacteria are out of balance and causing problems, we need to get the balance right again and Floramax may assist to maintain the natural balance by combining pre and probiotic therapy in a specific ratio.

First, it adds medical strength quantities of beneficial bacteria into the gut to help maintain the natural balance, which is called PRObiotic therapy, and secondly, it improves the survival rate of those bacteria by adding naturally occurring FOS (fructooligosaccharides) a specific food for the beneficial bacteria, which is PREbiotic therapy.... Think of it as sending the microflora down to work with a cut lunch!


Floramax Probiotic is a traditionally formulated supplement with four of the most prevalent species of bacteria found in the gut, including lactobacillus rhamnosus, and is further assisted by fructooligosaccharides which are an indigestible starch specifically utilised by bifido bacterium as food.


Floramax is made in vegetable caps, it’s dairy and lactose free, has no gluten, yeast or salt, plus it has no artificial preservatives or colours.

FloraMax Probiotic

Your intestines have hundreds of different species of bacteria which are all uniquely involved in a complex process helping to maintain a healthy digestive balance.


If you have symptoms of mild digestive discomfort it may be that you have an imbalance of bacteria in the gut, a condition called intestinal dysbiosis. This occurs when normal digestive functions are compromised by an overgrowth of the wrong bacteria, which throws the working balance of the gastro intestinal tract out of whack and if symptoms persist you should see your healthcare professional.

Floramax Probiotic is guaranteed to contain the stated potency all the way to expiry and is also tolerant of periods of non-refrigeration, up to 90 days out of the fridge at 25 degrees... excellent for taking on that trip away where your digestion is often additionally challenged!


So in summary, Floramax Probiotic is strong, stable, economical, both Pre and Pro Biotic, plus it has a guaranteed potency of 31 Billion plus. Look for it in the fridge at your favourite health outlet! 

FloraMax medical strength probiotic