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FloraMax Stability

Refrigeration provides the most temperature-stable environment in retail stores & homes, however our finished product is guaranteed to contain the stated potency of 31.63 Billion cells at the stamped expiry date under storage conditions including:

Refrigeration at 2 - 8 degrees (normal label directions)
Non-refrigerated transport in standard packaging
Up to 90 days of non-refrigeration in ambient temperatures up to 25 degrees

Available in

30 caps   R/R $29.95

60 caps   R/R $49.95

120 caps R/R $88.95

Non-Refrigerated Transport

Stability for non-refrigerated transport has been achieved over time by successive proprietary advances in natural excipients, processing and micro-encapsulation.
Acid, bile and heat tolerance of our probiotic strains are tested via 2 & 8 hour incubation periods, plus accelerated heat treatment trials at 65 degrees Celsius.


Additionally, overages are built into the formula calculated to anticipate a wide range of storage conditions projecting viability and cell counts of finished product at expiry date.


Due to this advanced stability, Floramax does not need to use and discard polystyrene boxes with each order which is a substantial environmental benefit in avoiding the waste of single-use resources and sending non-recyclable materials to landfill.