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Goji Juice

Cold Extracted Juice from Berries of the Goji Vine

High in the Himalayan foothills over 2,500 years ago, a small indigenous vine bearing an elongated red berry was in use by local villagers as a traditional health and energy food.

Today the Goji berry is identified as a rich whole-food source of naturally occurring antioxidants, proteins vitamins and micro-nutrients.


Contains: Goji Juice from concentrate (90%), Pear Juice (8%), Water purified, Natural Blackcurrant flavour, Natural Strawberry flavour, Inulin (Fibre), Food Acid (296, 331) Preservatives (281, 211, 202) 


Enjoy a 30ml serving of Goji juice daily. Try Goji juice lightly chilled, half an hour before a meal, full strength or diluted with water to taste.

Directions for use

Organic spirulina in easily absorbed 1000mg caplets

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1 Litre  R/R $39.95

Medicines From Nature Goji Juice is a 90% juice concentrate from premium-quality berries produced in a multi-stage quality control process. Scientific identification and certification of the correct species (Lycium barbarum) by thin layer chromatography is followed by benchmarking of nutrient levels including four important polysaccharides unique to Goji. 

Our premium Goji berries are tested to ensure they are free of residual pesticides and chemical contaminants. Low temperature processing using a proprietary technique is utilised to protect and retain nutrient levels. 

The nutrient-packed Goji extract is then combined with a 100% natural flavouring system consisting of a subtle blend of pear, strawberry and blackcurrant juice, also adding Inulin, a natural fibre which is a precursor to the prebiotic FOS.

No added dairy, lactose, yeast, starch, gluten, salt, artificial flavouring.