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Organic Spirulina - The Super Strength Super Food

A nutritional powerhouse with 60-70% high quality vegetable protein
and over 100 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants! 

Organic spirulina in easily absorbed 1000mg caplets

Available in

60 caplets - R/R $14.95

120 caplets - R/R $24.95

500 caplets - R/R $79.95

150g PWD - R/R $25.45

500g PWD - R/R $64.95

Amazingly, the iimpressive nutrient density of Spirulina is additionally boosted by the rapidly digestible cell wall, making it easier to digest and absorb than most other foods, particularly when looking at the protein content compared to meat sources... great news for vegans, vegetarians and people wanting to reduce meat in their diet!

In another slam-dunk, the amino acid content of Spirulina’s protein is very close to the WHO standard, so for red meat stalwarts, this protein being non-meat sourced is certainly no disadvantage.

Spirulina’s unique profile also includes essential nutrients like Vitamin A (in the form of beta-carotene), Vitamin B12, and GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid), an essential fatty acid found in only a few foods. And with even more good news for vegetarians, Spirulina is a natural source of bioavailable iron and phyto nutrients including phycocycanin and polysaccharides.

What Exactly Is Spirulina?

To appreciate its heritage we need to go back billions of years to when this single cell blue green algae was one of the precursors to life on the planet as we know it.


With DNA that has remained unchanged over millennia, Spirulina is an algae found naturally occurring in warm alkaline lakes in South America, Africa and Burma, with historical use as food dating back to the 9th century, which led to modern interest and subsequent research confirming its unique qualities.

Spirulina is widely known as a naturally occurring superfood with one of the most powerful nutrient profiles on the planet. It provides over 100 vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, phytonutrients, and antioxidants and also contains the highest concentration of protein found in any plant, herb or animal when compared gram per gram.... Between 60 and 70% high quality vegetable protein!

Officially titled Arthrospira platensis, Spirulina is often used to assist with energy and vitality, to boost a diet lacking in greens or fresh foods and with its low fat, low carb profile, Spirulina can be a valuable part of a weight normalisation program, substituting less helpful foods for a nutrient packed healthy alternative that supports exercise and detoxification.


There are many books, articles and much research pointing to Spirulina’s benefits as a health supplement and unique potential as a nearly perfect healthy food!


Super Strength Organic Spirulina 1000mg is a high strength, high quality Spirulina with the addition of 5mg of silica and 1 mg of magnesium in easy to swallow and digest caplets. Just three caplets a day supplies a valuable maintenance serving which can be increased to suit individual needs as required.

Also available as powder, try 1⁄2 teaspoon in a fruit and yoghurt smoothie or sprinkled on muesli to kick start your day!