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Making the Ultimate Colloidal Silver...

Colloidal Silver is an old fashioned product with a renewed modern relevance in a world of antibiotics, antibacterials and superbugs.


The use of silver to kill pathogens is by no means new, with documented use of silver in the 1800’s for wound treatment right back to the Greeks and Romans who stored perishables in silver containers to extend their shelf life.


Prior to sulfa drugs in the 1900’s, metallic silver and silver compounds were quite commonly used as an antibiotic in a basic form and considered to be quite effective at controlling pathogenic organisms with relativity low toxicity.


With the advent of modern antibiotics however, silver was largely forgotten until the 1990’s when researchers determined a method of colloidal suspension in which silver nanoparticles are dispersed evenly through a liquid medium. This improved the antibiotic potency of colloidal silver particles and also decreased the risk of toxicity even further.

There are three key markers in making a high quality colloidal silver... Silver purity, Water purity and Manufacturing Process. The Ultimate Colloidal silver starts with 99.999 pure silver to ensure that at a nano-particle level, no impurities are present to affect the electrolysis process. 99.9% purity is good... but 99.999% is much better! The third decimal place is the key... its more expensive, but is also the highest grade of silver available and one of the factors in achieving the high potency of 50PPM (parts per million).


The next step in the process is 10 Stage Laboratory Water Filtration. Water purity is critical in the Colloidal Silver process. Our water is the purest on the planet, being progressively purified through ten high tech steps as far down as 0.1 microns, excluding even the tiniest microscopic contaminants. This ensures that no unwelcome compounds are present in the water to impede or influence the ionic silver reaction.

Today we benefit from that research by the availability of high potency Colloidal Silver, marketed as a natural bacteriostatic water treatment.


What Exactly is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal Silver is the result of an electromagnetic process that separates submicroscopic particles of

silver (in the micron range) from a larger piece of pure silver into purified water. Positively charged silver ions are held in a colloidal suspension by the tiny electric charge on each atom.


How Does Colloidal Silver Work?

Colloidal Silver is bacteriostatic, meaning it works as a catalyst, disabling the particular enzyme that one-celled bacteria, fungi and viruses use for their metabolism. Colloidal Silver is effective against numerous pathogens and no resistant pathogenic strains have currently been known to develop. 

Tap water is totally out of the question, distilled water is a long way off the mark and the many other filtration methods all remove specific solids or impurities, but put 10 of the best filtration methods together and you achieve laboratory grade water which is essential for making the best quality colloidal silver.


The Process - The Colloidal suspension of Silver is affected by magnetic fields, so for optimum quality it must be made by hand avoiding machinery, electric motors, induction fields and metal implements. So being unsuited to the modern production line, it requires an old fashioned approach with non-metal lab equipment sometimes even using wooden implements.


The process is very labour intensive but guarantees a superior product in terms of both potency and shelf life and this is why the Ultimate Colloidal Silver is made, packed and labeled by hand... to ensure the best quality!