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Ultimate Colloidal Silver - Natural Deodorant

Natural Unscented Roll On Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Deodorant is an effective natural antibacterial roll on deodorant free of aluminium with no artificial colours, scent or preservatives to help keep you feeling fresh without skin irritants.



De-ionized  water

Silver (Ag) 20ppm (20mg/Lt)

Glycerine, Aloe Vera, Zinc Gluconate, Xanthum Gum, Organic Ethanol


Apply under arms after showering

Directions for use

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Natural Deodorant Unscented    R/R $14.95

Made From 99.999%+ Pure Silver
Silver purity is essential to a high quality colloidal suspension… 99.999%+ fine silver is the ultimate in purity and quality.

10 Stage Laboratory Water Filtration
Water purity is critical in the Colloidal Silver process. Our water is the purest on the planet after being progressively purified through ten high tech steps as far down as 0.1 microns, excluding even the tiniest microscopic contaminants.
Exclusively Packed by Hand 
Colloidal Silver is affected by magnetic fields, so for optimum

quality it must be processed by hand, avoiding machinery, electric

motors and metal implements. This old fashioned process is very

labour intensive, but guarantees a superior product.

Contains no artificial colours, fragrance or preservatives.